Loft Conversions

Many clients and builders wrongly assume that a Loft Conversion is simply "a new floor and some insulation" The reality however is that they are complex extensions and commonly require more design time than other brick-built extensions.

A loft conversion in its simplest form might be forming an insulated space within say an existing gabled roof and constructing a new access and structural floor to accommodate this. More complex versions might be the addition of dormer windows to the existing roof slopes to add space, headroom, light, outlook and Architectural feature - These could be flat or pitched roof subject to client or project requirements and technical or planning constraints

A new floor is usually required and structural beams commonly required to support floor and / or roof modifications (often at the ridges) and structural posts are sometimes utilised to reduce span and sizes of structural beams or ease installation. New flooring and rafter insulation will likely require the loss of 200mm of headroom so if your existing loft space is less than 2.4m high then a loft conversion may be restricted or not practical due to insufficient headroom.

New permanent access is commonly above the existing staircase where it is usually most space efficient however, where not practical new stairs can locate elsewhere although may impact upon the space taken off existing bedrooms and the staircase location has an influence on the loft floor space planning.

DJS has over 20 years of design Loft Conversions of all types and can assess your project and advise on options and implications - We can offer a bespoke level of design either providing a full suite of concept and detailed technical drawings, Or providing concept plans only but enhanced with Structural specifications providing a broader level of insight and co-ordination. We prepare most Structural calculations in house giving our clients a one stop approach without requiring a separate Structural Engineer

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