House Extensions

Some extensions may not require planning permission but some home owners focus on extending in a way that avoids Planning permission / Architectural design rather than engaging a professional to maximise the opportunities available and to best suit their needs and budget.

Extending your home can be a very rewarding process but even the seemingly simplest of projects can be complex and would benefit from Architectural assistance to help with design and space planning as well as dealing with any Design Approvals

Where we are engaged, our design process commonly requires two stages typically as follows:

Stage 1 – Planning and Concept

  • A measured survey to enable drafting of existing plans and elevations
  • Preparation of draft designs including proposed plans and elevations with supporting design notes issued to the Client for comment and feedback
  • Development of designs following feedback and further revisions
  • Assessment of final drafts to determine if Planning or other similar Approvals are required
  • Prepare, submit and administer Application where require and liaise with the Planners throughout

Whether planning permission is required or not, the conceptual stage is pivotal to realising your objectives, visualising your ideas, maximising the opportunities available through good design and benefiting from our 30 years+ of Architectural experience.

Once the stage 1 concept stage is concluded then the next stage is to work up more detailed plans as follows:

Stage 2 – Technical Design and Building Regulation Approval

  • Production of co-ordinated plans and detailed sections to demonstrate compliancy with the Building Regulations and sufficient enable a competent and co-ordinating builder to construct the project.
  • Prepare, submit, and administer a Full Plans Approval Application to Building Control.
  • Liaison with Building Control until conditional approval is given.

There are other services available and no project is the same so our services can be tailored to suit - Feel free to get in touch for a chat or no obligation Consultation


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Sandy Sanders MCIAT – Director DJS Architectural Services Ltd
Single storey rear extension with feature vaulted ceiling – Nottingham
Two storey side extension in Conservation Area – Diseworth
Single Storey side extension to narrow property – Shipley
5 Bed 2.5 storey detached new dwelling – Ashbourne
Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologist – Chartered Member Reg No 012512